Recyklační poradenství

We process waste for a clean and prosperous world.




We are experts in innovative recycling and environmental solutions

We combine ecology with economy.

Welcome to MS Forest Group, a leader in innovative recycling and environmental solutions.
We are here to turn waste challenges into challenges for a sustainable future.

Recycling consultancy

We cooperate with a number of experts and technology providers for sorting and processing waste. Thanks to the built-up network of contacts, we try to find solutions for all types of clients, from small companies to cities, regions and countries. Our effort is to set up the best possible solution for the ever-increasing waste streams.

We give each of our clients a personal approach in order to provide them with a comprehensive proposal for dealing with specific types of waste and their use. Our goal is the reuse of materials that would otherwise become part of unused, unnecessary and ultimately harmful waste.

Our goal is to build partnerships between the public and private sectors, we focus on upcycling projects that transform locally collected waste into local recyclable products for further possible use.

Recycling consultancy


Recycling technologies

Recycling technologies

We currently cooperate with manufacturers and operators of waste processing technologies:

  • sorted plastic and glass
  • sorted beverage packaging
  • sorted paper and plastic
  • sorted biological waste
  • gastro waste
  • clothing textile and textile from industrial production
  • used pneumatics


Circular economy products

  • a complete range of high-quality geotextiles (for linear constructions, rehabilitation of slopes/landfills, industrial construction, etc.)
  • technical textiles (use in furniture industry, packaging industry, healthcare, security industry, etc.)
  • acoustic and thermal insulation (use in construction, rolling stock, white goods, etc.)
  • non-woven textiles for the automotive industry
  • retention systems (use for green and blue roofs, railway tracks, park improvements, golf courses, etc.)
  • products from recycled rubber (noise reduction for trams, railway lines and highways, children's and sports playgrounds, running tracks, horse stables and paddocks, interlocking paving, industrial floors, anti-vibration boards, panels for shooting ranges, under-rail pads, etc.)
Circular economy products


Partners in recycling and environmental solutions

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